Can you mix synthetic and non-synthetic oil?

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Does your Ford require full-synthetic oil?

Are you not sure what’s in your Ford right now for oil? Can’t remember if you put in synthetic or even a synthetic blend? Then you have nothing to worry about. Synthetic oil is entirely compatible with regular oil and synthetic blend oil. Does your Ford require full-synthetic oil? We have the answers.

Is synthetic better for my Ford than non-synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is the highest quality of oil available on the market, but it’s also the most expensive. At the bottom of the list is regular oil. There is also a synthetic blend oil, which—as its name suggests—is comprised of both regular oil and synthetic oil in a specified blend.

With that said, you should use at least the type of oil recommended by your Ford’s manual. Sometimes there is also a sticker under the hood that will assist you in picking the right type of oil with the right viscosity. For the most part, modern Fords at least require synthetic-blend oil, but check your manual to be sure.

You can always use better oil in your engine too, especially if you want to preserve the longevity of your engine. For example, if your manual recommends you use synthetic-blend oil, then you can feel free to use full-synthetic oil.

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Why is synthetic oil different?

Synthetic oil is actually formulated in a lab and not refined from the crude oil that comes out of the ground. By formulating full-synthetic oil in this way, manufacturers can create longer polymer chains that provide more protection to your engine and take longer to break down.

Does my Ford diesel require a special kind of oil?

There is a common misconception that diesel engines do not require oil because they use diesel fuel as the oil. This is simply not true. The diesel fuel does have lubricating properties and is tolerated better by crankcase oil, but your diesel engine still needs oil.

Most diesel vehicles require a specially formulated oil. Once again, just make sure you are following the recommended advice either in your owner’s manual or under your hood to avoid doing damage to your engine.

What is the best brand of oil to use for your Ford?

If you want to use the most trusted Ford brand, then why not use the same brand that Ford puts in all its vehicles from the factory. That brand would be Motorcraft.

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