Flashing Red Car and Lock on Ford Dashboard

October 11th, 2022 by

Service light on dashboard

Ford Dashboard Symbols and Meanings

Is your red car and lock symbol on your dashboard flashing? Don’t fret, the dashboard symbols on Ford vehicles exist for a reason, and that’s to alert you that your vehicle is having issues. But what exactly does this red car and lock symbol on the dashboard mean, and is it responsible for any maintenance issues you’re having? Take a look below to learn more about the flashing red car and lock on your dashboard and other dashboard symbols on Ford vehicles!

What does the Red Car and Lock on the Dashboard mean?

So what exactly is the flashing car and lock? This is actually your vehicle’s way of telling you that its engine immobilizer is armed and working properly. In a Ford, the immobilizer feature is known as SecuriLock, and works as a passive anti-theft device that disables your vehicle if someone tries to start it and drive it without your keys. It is completely normal to see the car and lock start flashing on your dashboard whenever you park and turn your vehicle off in Oshkosh. Some vehicles that are equipped with an alarm system will also use this icon to let you know that an alarm is active on your vehicle.

How do you turn on SecuriLock in a Ford?

The best part about the feature is that it isn’t something you need to worry about flipping on or off — it’s just always active. If you notice that the immobilizer light is no longer flashing on your dashboard, feel free to bring your car into Holiday Ford near Appleton and Campbellsport to get it checked out by our service team by scheduling an appointment.

Discover a New Ford in Fond Du Lac

Looking for a new Ford vehicle with SecuriLock in Fond Du Lac? Thankfully, it would be difficult to find a new Ford that didn’t offer this amazing feature at the standard level. Feel free to swing by Holiday Ford to see our new Ford inventory!