How does Ford Adaptive Cruise Control work

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What 2018 Ford models have Adaptive Cruise Control?
Are you interested in the very latest in automotive technology? Then you are likely interested in what Ford has to offer. Learn all about Adaptive Cruise Control and find out what 2018 Ford models have Adaptive Cruise Control all right here.

What is Ford Adaptive Cruise Control?
Though cruise control was first used in automobiles in the early 1900s, it wasn’t a common sight until many years later. In the 1950s it was largely a luxury feature to most and even a gimmick to some, but now cruise control is a standard part of the driving experience. Adaptive Cruise Control is the next evolution of that.

Have you ever been stuck behind a car that keeps changing speed? You just want to cruise, but you are stuck continuously adjusting your cruise control settings. Not anymore. With Adaptive Cruise Control, your Ford can adjust your cruise setting automatically to the car in front of you.

Examples of Adaptive Cruise Control in action
If you are traveling at 70 mph and come up to a car in front of you traveling at 65 mph, your car will reduce speed. Once that car is no longer impeding your speed, your car will speed back up to 70 mph. You can even set your following distance depending on your comfort and the weather.

What’s more, with stop and go, your Ford can even handle traffic jams. Your Ford can slow down to a complete stop, and if the car in front moves within three seconds, your Ford will accelerate on its own back to the previously set speed.

Ford models with Adaptive Cruise Control
If you are looking for a Ford sedan with Adaptive Cruise Control, then you can choose between the Taurus or the Fusion. When it comes to SUVs the Flex, Explorer, Escape, Edge, and Expedition all have Adaptive Cruise Control available. Even the F-150 truck and the Mustang sports car have this innovative cruise control feature available.

Keep in mind that this just means that Adaptive Cruise Control is available on these models. You will typically have to add it in with an optional package unless you are already looking at the highest trims for these models.

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