Why does my Ford not have a gas cap?

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How does the Ford capless fuel filler work?
Whether you own a new Ford or just noticed a capless fuel filler before, you may be wondering, how does the Ford capless fuel filler work? It’s actually quite simple. Two locking flaps keep your fuel in and allow you to refuel without messing with a cap. Let us tell you more about this technology that Ford pioneered in production vehicles. We’ll even tell you how to use it, what the advantages are, and how to refill from a portable gas tank.

Ford capless fuel fillerHow to use a capless fuel filler?
Using a capless fuel filler from Ford is simple. Open the fuel door like you normally would, then just push the fuel pump nozzle past the little flap. Once through, keep pushing until you feel it pop past the second flap, then you can fill up as normal. Once you’re done pumping, let the nozzle rest for five seconds before removing. This will help keep the area between the flaps clear of fuel.

Advantages of a capless fuel filler
There are a lot of advantages to having a capless fuel filler. The big advantages come from not having that cap around. Without it, you don’t have to worry about losing it, or leaving it dangling against your sensitive paint.

Overall, the system is also simply easier to use, and even those with arthritis shouldn’t have a problem operating it. Not only is it easier for the user, but it’s also harder for thieves. With the mechanisms involved in a capless fuel filler, it is virtually impossible to steal gas out of a tank.

Can you fill a capless fuel filler with a portable gas tank?
Due to the auto locking nature of the fuel filler in your Ford, you can’t fill up from a portable gas tank like you normally would. Instead, you need to use a special funnel that Ford included with your vehicle. In most vehicles, this funnel can be found in your trunk or cargo area. Refer to the manual for more specific details.

In order to fill up, simply insert the funnel through both flaps, just like you would a fuel pump nozzle. Then pour gasoline into the funnel being careful not to overflow the funnel. As with a fuel pump nozzle, allow it to drain for five seconds before removing.

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