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Looking for a new car or a powerful new truck in Fond Du Lac? Thanks to Ford leasing programs at Holiday Ford, Oshkosh drivers can drive away with the latest vehicle technologies and performance innovations on the market for less. Ford leases off the opportunity for Appleton  drivers to both cheaply and easily jump into a brand new vehicle that suits all your needs. Ford Credit is sure to land you the capability you need at a price you’ll love, get in touch with us with any questions!

Buy or Lease Your Ford at Holiday Ford

When hunting for a new Ford in Oshkosh, you may find yourself torn between whether you should lease or buy a car. Of course, when you choose to buy a car, it becomes all yours, as it becomes an asset of your own. As for leasing a Ford, you’ll save more money in the long run, and you’re not stuck with the same vehicle until you trade it in for a new one, or if it breaks down (let’s hope that’s not the case). To help make the decision process easier for you, we break down the benefits below on if you choose to lease a Ford or buy one.

If You Choose to Buy a Ford…

As mentioned before, when you buy a Ford in Fond Du Lac, you get to call it your own. When you choose to buy a Ford, you’ll get a lot of benefits that you won’t necessarily get from leasing one. For starters, you don’t have to adhere to strict mileage limits like you would if you lease a Ford, meaning you can take all the vacations and road trips you want outside of Appleton. You get full warranty coverage for a certain amount of time and mileage and, better yet, you don’t have to stress about getting charged extra expected wear and tear. If you’re trading in an old Ford, you’ll also save money when you buy a car.

Learn more about the steps to buying a new Ford with Holiday Ford.

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If You Choose to Lease a Ford…

When you choose to lease a Ford, you don’t get to keep it forever (sad!). Regardless, there are a lot of perks of choosing to lease a car–especially a Ford. This is because when you lease a Ford, you get the Ford Red Carpet Lease. What exactly is the Ford Red Carpet Lease? If your leased Ford is ever stolen or irreparably damaged in Campbellsport or elsewhere, the Red Carpet Lease protects you by eliminating the difference between your insurance payoff and your remaining lease balance. Note that not all Ford vehicles are covered by the Red Carpet Lease, such as rental units, Federal, State, or Local Government vehicles, and upfit vehicles. Learn more about the Ford Red Carpet Lease.

Ford Red Carpet Lease

Leasing a car in Wisconsin is a great deal for many reasons, but the Red Carpet Lease is a big one. Ford Red Carpet Lease deals help you take home the transportation you need without the hassle of complete ownership. But what do Ford leasing opportunities offer when compared to Ford, RAM, and Chevy? Learn why so many Campbellsport drivers choose to lease a Ford below:

  • Your choice of lease terms, including our most popular 24/36 month Ford lease programs
  • Seven mileage options to choose from
  • Customize your vehicle at the time of purchase with approved accessories

At the end of your Red Carpet Lease, you also choose between the following lease-end agreements depending on your preference:

  • Buy or Lease a new Ford
  • Purchase your Lease Vehicle at a predetermined price
  • Return your Lease Vehicle (after satisfying any lease-end obligations, such as mileage and wear and use charges)
2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E in a drive way

When it comes to Ford leasing, we offer more flexibility with new vehicles than our biggest competitors like Chevy, RAM, and GMC. Just check out our online financing application! When you take advantage of our Ford lease programs, you’re sure to land a deal you love.

Does Credit Matter for a Ford Lease?

If it’s your first time leasing a car for your Oshkosh commutes, you’re (hopefully) wondering about Ford lease credit score requirements. And maybe you’re thinking, “Does credit matter for a Ford lease, anyway?” The answer is yes. Credit matters, and it’s important to know what your credit score is before you attempt to lease a car. The lower your credit score is, the less chance you have of securing a lease. However, if you have a poor credit score, not all hope is lost. Learn more about Ford lease credit score with the finance team at Holiday Ford.

What Credit Score Is Needed to Lease a Ford?

Typically, the minimum credit score needed to lease a Ford is 700. But, there are some dealerships that are willing to work with you, regardless of your credit score. Just know if you have a poor credit score, you won’t be able to lease your top choice of vehicle for Appleton joyrides.

How to Meet Ford Lease Credit Score Requirements

So, how can you meet Ford lease credit score requirements if your credit score isn’t too great? There are a few steps you can take to prove your credit worthiness to leasing agents around the Campbellsport area:

Ford Vehicle at Camping Site
  1. Pay off any debts before you go to lease. Any outstanding debt will be a glowering blemish to leasing agents who look at your report. Taking care of these beforehand will bump up your credit score a bit and show that you’re willing to improve your credit score to leasing agencies.
  2. Have proof of your income when you walk into your dealership. You want to prove that you have a stable enough income to meet your monthly lease payments. Bring pay stubs, W2 forms–any kind of documentation that shows you can afford a lease.
  3. If possible, make a bigger down payment. It’s a good idea to save up to put down a bigger down payment before you stroll into a leasing agency. Putting a greater down payment when you have a poor credit score can greatly elevate your chances of getting a better lease deal.

Car Leasing FAQ

At Holiday Ford, we understand that leasing can be confusing to customers and there are quite a few questions to ask when leasing a car. It’s quite a bit simpler than it seems and our experts can lay it out clearly for you. We have also broken down many common leasing questions and answers for you. If you still have questions or are ready to lease a car, contact us today!

There are 5 simple steps to secure your next vehicle lease.

  1. Find a few vehicles that meet your needs
  2. Estimate your expected annual mileage requirements
  3. Work with our team to determine the best term for your needs
  4. Decide on your down payment
  5. Apply for credit

Below, jump into the real details on how to lease a car!


Yes it is technically possible to lease a used vehicle, in concept. But, the short answer is no. Most automotive leasing companies and banks do not offer leasing on used vehicles. It was once relatively popular, but many of the advantages of vehicle leasing disappear when you lease a used vehicle and you could often lease a new vehicle for the same or lower payment than the same used vehicle. The main reason for this is very low incentivized interest on new vehicles versus standard rates on used vehicles.

This question can only be answered based on your personal automotive needs. Generally if you keep your vehicle for less than 6 years, you’d often be better off financially by leasing your vehicle. If you could get a new vehicle every 3-years for less cost and far less risk than getting a new vehicle every 5-years, why wouldn’t you? See our Leasing vs. Buying page for more info.

Many automobile lessees don’t understand their options on how to be done with their leased vehicle at the end of the term, or during the lease period . Read more for the most common ways to end your lease:

Just like different vehicles have different prices, they have differing lease rates, too. Sometimes you can lease a $45,000 for a lower monthly payment than a $25,000 vehicle. There are really three factors that determine one lease payment from another: depreciation, interest, and capitalized cost reduction (discounts, rebates, money down, trade equity).

Yes. Just like on a purchase, the dealer may have some flexibility when it comes to the discounted price. Most advertised leases already include a substantial dealer discount and applicable incentives to catch your eye. Dealers with a one-price or haggle-free environment will already include their discounts into the lease calculations.

“Bad Credit” is a difficult term to define. But, leasing companies generally have options for people with differing credit histories. Just like on a loan, those with credit concerns are deemed a higher risk approval and will see higher interest costs and some individuals will have their application declined.

A lease payment is largely based on the projected depreciation of the vehicle, less any down payment plus interest. If you’re looking to calculate your payment manually, we have the break down for you:

ABSOLUTELY!!! You can trade it in at any time through your lease term and even at the very end. Although ideally your payoff on the lease is exactly the same as the market value of the vehicle at the end of the term, this is not always the case.

Sometimes referred to as the “term”, most leases are between two and four years long. Dealerships often list the terms in months: 24, 36, 39, 42, 48. Simply divide by 12 to figure how many years the lease is for. 42 / 12 = 3.5 years

Find Ford Car Leasing Today!

At Holiday Ford, our finance center helps Fond Du Lac drivers every day with finding a great deal and payment plan on a Ford Red Carpet Lease. We’re happy to chat, so contact us with any questions you may have about Ford leasing and Ford lease programs. We’ll help you discover how Ford leasing will help you take home the new truck, crossover, or SUV you need without breaking the bank.


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