How Much Does a Ford Extended Warranty Cost?

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Imagine this: you’re the proud owner of a new Ford — or maybe a certified pre-owned Ford — but either way, your vehicle’s warranty coverage is running out. You don’t want to be without protection, so what do you do? It’s for scenarios like these that Ford offers extended warranty coverage as an option! But will this coverage be worth it to you? That depends.

If you’re wondering to yourself, “how much does a Ford extended warranty cost?” as part of your deliberation process, then get ready for answers! We hope that in providing you with this information, you’ll be better informed about your options regarding long-term vehicle ownership and the maintenance and repairs associated with said ownership. Want to learn more? Reach out; we’re always happy to help!

Ford Extended Warranty Pricing Information

Unfortunately, when buying an additional Ford warranty for the sake of ease of explanation, there isn’t any kind of set pricing schedule. But fortunately for you, there isn’t any kind of set pricing schedule precisely because all extended warranty plans offered through finance centers like ours are customized to your specific needs and wants. How’s that for a tailored approach to taking care of your needs?! If you’re looking for pricing information in your situation, you’ll want to provide these details:

  • If your vehicle is purchased or leased (to determine the best coverage)
  • Where you live in the Fond Du Lac or Oshkosh area
  • Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Your odometer reading
  • About how many miles you drive per year
  • How long you plan to keep your vehicle
  • Whether or not your vehicle has a snowplow or is used commercially

Your Ford Extended Warranty Options: Here’s What to Know

Once you provide the above information about your situation to the appropriate party at your local Sheboygan or West Bend area Ford dealership, such as Holiday Ford, receive a recommendation for the appropriate extended warranty coverage for your unique situation, along with associated pricing. As coverage increases, so does the cost of the plan. Your Ford warranty options include:

  • PowertrainCARE, covering 29 components
  • BaseCARE, covering 84 components
  • ExtraCARE, covering 113 components
  • PremiumCARE, covering more than 1,000 components
  • Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan, covering routine oil changes, multi-point inspections, preventative care, and more
  • TireCARE, covering tires and wheels
  • DentCARE, covering the removal of minor dents and dings
  • WindshieldCARE, covering your vehicle’s windshield
  • TripleCARE, covering tires, dents, and windshield

Should You Buy an Additional Ford Warranty?

Wondering why you or any Beaver Dam area driver, for that matter, should consider purchasing a Ford warranty that goes into effect after their original warranty expires? For one thing, warranties such as these offer peace-of-mind that can’t be measured monetarily. On the other hand, though, extended warranties also offer these other benefits:

  • A wide range of plan and deductible choices to work with your budget
  • Protection from unexpected vehicle repair costs that could otherwise set you up for financial hardship or even personal bankruptcy
  • Repairs and maintenance carried out by factory-trained technicians at your local Ripon-area Ford service center
  • Rental vehicle coverage included for up to 10 days at $30/day
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • 100% transferability to new owners (i.e., your child when you pass your car onto him/her/them)

Pick the Perfect Ford Extended Warranty with Holiday Ford!

Need additional assistance navigating the wide world of extended warranties? Looking for help as you select the right choice for your needs and budget? Not a problem. Our team of experts is here to help you with everything from answering your service FAQs and warranty questions to applying for financing!