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Ford Maintenance Schedule

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Regularly scheduling service is essential to keep your Ford running in top condition on the Oshkosh roads. Although you want to get your oil changed about every 7,500 miles, most of the essential service inspections and maintenance are done every 10,000 miles. You should take care to stay up-to-date on service inspections, but you don’t have to remember everything on your own. Holiday Ford has put together this guide detailing what should be done and when. You can even schedule a service appointment right from our website!

Ford Service Schedule

7,500 Mile Service: 7,500 miles is generally the mileage that is recommended for an oil change (or 6 months, whatever comes first). While you’re at the service center, you should also get your wheels aligned and tires rotated.

10,000 Mile Service: After 10,000 miles, it’s best to bring your Ford in for its first major scheduled service appointment. There are a number of things that your service center will perform and inspect, but we’ve outlined the most important below. It’s important to get these things checked and inspected every 10,000 miles from this point onward to keep your Ford in top condition:

  • Inspect brake pads, parking brake, hoses, brake lines, shoes, drums, and rotors
  • Inspect exhaust system and heat shields
  • Inspect and rotate tires
  • Replace oil filter and change oil
  • Inspect the engine cooling system
  • Reset oil life monitor
  • Check wheel end play and turning noise

20,000 Mile Service: At 20,000 miles, the service center will perform everything they did for the 10,000-mile service, with the addition of replacing your cabin’s air filter.

30,000 Mile Service: At 30,000 miles, in addition to everything from the 10,000-mile service, you’ll want to have your engine’s air filter replaced. Frequently replacing the filter (every 20,000 miles or so) prevents debris from getting into the engine and damaging it.

100,000 Mile Service: This is quite a milestone! Once you’ve reached this level of mileage, there are a few extra things to keep track of in addition to the regular 10,000 mile service:

  • Change out the engine coolant
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • Inspect accessory drive belt

150,000 Mile Service: After this impressive milestone, here are some more important things to take care of in addition to the 10,000 mile service:

  • Replace timing belt.
  • Change front axle lubricant
  • Change rear axle lubricant (synthetic only)
  • Change transfer case fluid
  • Change automatic transmission/transaxle fluid and filter
  • Replace accessory drive belts (if not replaced within last 100,000 miles)

Ford Scheduled Service Costs

There are a number of helpful resources that estimate the Ford maintenance cost for each level of service on the schedule. We’ve used Kelley Blue Book for our estimates, using a 2020 Ford Fusion – but the average cost is similar for most standard Ford models. Here is the estimated Ford scheduled service cost at each level:

  • 10,000 mile service: $49 – $79
  • 20,000 mile service: $109 – $159
  • 30,000 mile service: $86 – $136
  • 100,000 mile service: $452 – $540
  • 150,000 mile service: $407 – $496

These are only averages, however. To get a more detailed sense of your Ford maintenance cost, contact our dealership or use an online resource to get an estimate based on your Ford’s year, model, and trim level.

Service Your Ford at Holiday Ford

If you have any further questions or want more information on all things Ford, feel free to contact our office anytime. You can also check out our service center online for a full list of all the services that Holiday Ford offers.


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